Forever Aloe Vera Gel – Topical


FL61 – Cooling and soothing this pure aloe vera gel is perfect for applying topically on sore, dry or burnt skin.

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Forever Aloe Vera Gel – Topical

Forever’s Aloe Vera gel is a topical gel that can be applied direct to the skin.

Using only the inner leaf gel from the Aloe Vera plant means that this gel is extremely lubricating.

100% Stabilised so it’s as close to the live inner leaf as you can get.

Perfect for calming irritated skin.

This gel is often used for burns and scalds as it’s incredibly cooling.

It also makes a fantastic aftersun lotion.

More Information:

For an even bigger cooling effect store in the fridge.

Inner leaf only, no peel or outer layer included

Latex free

Mix with Aloe Propolis Creme for a super moisturising and calming lotion for dry, itchy skin.

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